Every name sounds like “Lavada.” A melodious song that is a featured single on the album “Bundino” that will be released on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. The four time Grammy winning producer/singer/songwriter stated “At one time we had an abundance of talented live musicians. In fact we just recently lost one of the most gifted veteran guitarists, T.J. Tindall who played with MFSB and Salsoul Orchestra for decades. Today it feels like everyone is copying one another. There is very limited creative vision.” However real authentic love songs or ballads find their way into this cookie cutter music mold. We tend to reside in an age where there are very few chiefs but many followers.

“Lavada” was a collaboration with fellow legendary songwriter, Phil Hurtt. Originally Sigler used the melody for a string orchestral section that Phil was working on. As time went by Sigler added more rhythm , then lyrics until it evolved into a stand-alone single. And that is what “Lavada” is today. Another masterpiece that will go down in music history with the title “timeless.” This song is poetry in motion with meaningful lyrics and colorful metaphors stacked with harmonies.

Lines such as ” Take Mona Lisa, Halle Berry and Beyonce too but none of them can do me like you do” make it relevant.

You see timeless songwriters don’t need to fill space with curse or derogatory lingo. Sigler proves the test of time having been in the Industry for 50 years and continues to tour the globe doing what he loves; music and dancing. He continues to touch lives and showcase that it is possible to live out your dreams. Next month you can catch the legend in Spain singing his classics or throughout Italy in the actual theater playing Othello.

“In this Industry you are always on stage!” – http://youtu.be/kjGxGwl6Hq0

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