The Morning Sea – “Mal -De-Mer”


The Morning Sea’s “Mal de Mer” is a triumphant album. Everything works: from the intricate arrangements to the highly articulate lyrics, the songs are filled with color. Passionate in tone these are pieces that teem with life. At times reminiscent of the Decemberist’s careful arrangements and penchant for storytelling the songs are joyful in nature. Small details make great impact throughout the album: whether it is the fantastic bursts of fanfare that punctuate the album or the honeyed choruses, they all come together to create a remarkable warm album.

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Opening with the hushed sounds of “Mal De Mer” the Morning Sea proves to be more than adept at creating a compelling atmosphere. Slowly but surely they let the song build up into its satisfying conclusion. Giddy in tone is the playful sound of “Don’t Be Moronic, Merriam”. By far the highlight of the album the song is an infectious delight, full of catchy hooks and unexpected surprises. Opting for a quieter sound is the dreamy work of “Lonely Hearts In The Cosmos” a tender honest love song. “The Cold & The Quiet” ends the album off on an ambitious note. As the song unfurls the Morning Sea reveals a great many layers of sound. Tastefully arranged the song is akin to the journey as the nimble percussion and restrained guitars bring everything to a galant close.

Full of heart and soul, the Morning Sea’s “Mal de Mer” is a celebration of sound.

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