bitter’s kiss – “No One Will”


Bitter’s Kiss is an album of delicate pop songs. These are piece that are full of emotion. Lovelorn, hopeful, carefully arranged, Bitter’s Kiss is the kind of album that gently introduces these elements into the overall mix. Moody the album feels like the perfect fit for a sleepy Sunday afternoon. Playful at times the songs are quite brilliant in their chamber pop kind of way, much like a more idiosyncratic Badly Drawn Boy. For the sound comes together to create a warm blanket the soundtrack of daydreams.


Opening up with the quiet title track Chloe Baker’s voice is neatly matched by the thoughtful, slightly disheveled drumming, made with just a slight quirk to give it an interesting perspective. “Waste of It All” opts for an uplifting mood with horns coming into the mix adding a greater variety of textures. Moving into twee territory is the sweetness of “No One Will” whose guitar work is perfection. Everything is made as simple as possible for maximum impact. Keeping with this stripped down intimate approach is the ambience of “The Rope”. Electronic flourishes define the grandeur of “Lovin’ Life”. Following up on this is the casual grooves of “Already Gone”. Bringing the album to a carefully considered close is the album highlight “Too Far Too East”.

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Everything on Bitter’s Kiss works: from the low-key approach to the intricate little flourishes that appear throughout the pieces. Brought together as a whole it works to show how important balance can be.

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