Today, the world has over 200 Million Social media users. Other than Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is attracting more and more social media fans as the days go by. It is for this reason that business owners are gaining interest in social media marketing for brand visibility. It is also true that a greater percentage of the world’s population is using mobile devices to interact with each other. Therefore, the answer to this question is yes!

Yes, Social Media is good for marketing your business. For starters, it is through social media that you will reach a large audience at no costs. As a business owner, you can use Instagram to create curiosity for your products and/or services, increase your sales and of course, boost your brand awareness.

Imagine giving your customers the platform to buy your products and interact with you from the comfort of their homes. Wouldn’t that be an added advantage for your brand growth? It is time you joined the masses in embracing the power of social media marketing. Instagram has become the most effective social media platform for both small and big businesses around the globe. That said, if you want to reach a million plus potential customers, then it’s time you created that Instagram account that will represent your brand.

How to Market your Business on Instagram

•Come up with a creative, informative and catchy account name
The first thing that Instagram users will look at is your account name. If you come up with a boring account name, believe you me, no one will give you the time of day. Grab their attention and arouse curiosity with a good account name. Use this account name to get followers. Start by following your friends and their followers.

•Use high quality images and give them creative and interesting captions
Instagram is an image-sharing social media network. However, a photo is not a good photo when it is not in high quality. As a matter of fact, a low quality photo is not worth sharing if you want to lure your audience.

•Post regularly
Regular posts will keep your target audience informed at all times. Regular posting will also ensure that your information is seen by millions of Instagram users as often as you would want them to. When posting, ensure that you keep your audience up to date about the available products and services. If you have a problem with getting followers, likes or comments, you can use web-based bots like Instamacro as your popularity tool.

•Link your photos
When posting your Images, you can add your website link. Ensure that anyone who clicks on your images is directed to your website. By so doing, your audience may be able to find out more about you and your business apart from what you have mentioned in the posts. Link back to your website.

For businessmen who want to retain a big following and keep the world informed about their business, new products and new services, you have a greater opportunity of meeting your esteemed clients online. Take full advantage of the opportunity and take your business to a new level.

Bill Thatcher is a social media analyst who has helped local brands get popular on Instagram with Instamacro. Visit his blog for other informative pieces.