Stevie Fitz – “High Time Now”

sfitz1_POST“High Time Now” shows off Stevie Fitz’s joyful carefree approach to dance music. With a light touch the sounds shine brightly. Balearic in tone the piece has an airy feel to it as if at any moment the sounds will simply disappear. Keeping it light certainly helps to emphasize Kate Walsh’s incredible vocals. Kate Walsh’s vocals serve as the heart of the track. The jubilant rhythm and summery sounds at times are reminiscent of Animal Collective’s sense of optimism. Building up the song has an expansive view growing ever larger. Focusing on this sense of the grandiose Stevie Fitz’s sounds feels all-encompassing.


Opening up with a colossal beat the little flourishes filter into the mix. Little digital scrapes are added into the mix gradually coming together to make a fully formed melody. Kate Walsh’s vocals are emotive, filled with beauty. As the song continues Stevie Fitz elaborates upon the sound bringing into closer and closer to a full-on rave up. For the midsection Stevie Fitz engages in an ultimately successful breakdown giving the song a dreamy sensibility. By the finale of the track Stevie Fitz lets everything out bringing the song to a fully realized conclusion. Layers upon layers of sound interact to reach a climax of sorts as the entirety of the song comes to an absolute peak.

Carefully crafted and infinitely excellent Stevie Fitz’s “High Time Now” represents the best that dance music has to offer.

Posted by Beach Sloth