Angela Burns – “So That You Can Feel Better” Mixtape


With a sultry vocal style, Angela Burns creates slinky lush songs on the “So That You Can Feel Better” mixtape. Throughout the mixtape Angela Burns uses her clever lyricism which serves as the heart of the mixtape. Delicate at times the songs nimbly cover quite a bit of ground going from classic rock references to an almost jazzy lounge kind of sound. Bringing the entire album is a downbeat, almost grunge-like approach to the sound as the pieces are clouded, full of such swirls of hazy sound.


Fragile and atmospheric “All Together” starts off the mixtape with Angela Burns’s breathy vocals. As the song unfurls it reveals elements of a stripped down funk, with the bass serving as the song’s backbone. On “It’s Sad” Angela Burns uses a narrative sensibility reinforced by the mournful strings. Contemplative in tone the song is quite colorful, with rock and classical fused into a tasteful whole. Bass rumbles with a physicality on the catchy “Napoleon”. Minimal in its approach “Shame Game” opts for a stripped down intimate approach. Nearly playful “Haunting” has an expressive approach, with the restrained synthesizer work being particularly memorable. By far the highlight of the mixtape is the ambitious “Give It Back”. With a sense of grandeur the piece feels heavy yet necessary. As the song progresses it incorporates elements of rock, funk, and dub into a coherent satisfying whole.

Moving lyricism, unique arrangements, and a real ear for melody make “So That You Can Feel Better” an absolute triumph.

Posted by Beach Sloth