Jerry Bogan – ‘Let It Rain’


Residing in West Texas, Jerry Bogan is merging Country and Rock with Adult Contemporary which sounds welcoming and relates to many. And Bogan knows a thing or two about creating original songs since he has hundreds to his name already. The latest single “Let It Rain” is Jerry’s newest creation that will be featured on his first major album to be released this month. Starting off the New Year with a Bang, 2016 looks to be a promising one for the Texan with a message.

This single, “Let It Rain”, is pouring with raw emotion and pure feeling as Jerry Bogan is bearing his heart & soul for all to hear. The pain of love and a broken heart is portrayed perfectly by Jerry Bogan as you really sense the hurt here. The playing on this song is distinct and the music, lyrics and vocals all have a direct impact on the listener. Jerry sings with such incredible conviction hitting you from left to right on “Let It Rain”. Not to mention this track has such a catchy, radio-friendly tone that’s ready to soak up the airwaves in a big way! I have to say that Jerry Bogan is making it rain with a steady stream of sincere notes on his side.

Jerry Bogan “Let It Rain”

Jerry and the team at Musik and Film have been working for months on a 10 song album. “Let It Rain” is the first single to be released. Written by Jerry Bogan and Produced by Stephen Wrench and the MAF Production team, this single is pouring with raw emotion and pure feeling as Jerry is bearing his heart & soul for all to hear.

The new album will include 10 brand new songs from Jerry Bogan that I’m sure will make his Longhorn state very proud. If “Let It Rain” is any indication then I bet, without a shadow of a doubt, that Jerry’s full-length release will be gold. I’m not even a betting man but I’d put money on that. And knowing that Jerry Bogan is on the Musik and Film label and that Musik Radio Promotions is promoting Jerry and his breakout Hit “Let It Rain” then I’m certain he’s in good hands. “Let It Rain” offers up a genuine touch and superb tone as Jerry Bogan’s voice is heard loud & clear. The message is genuine while the music is sentimental & personal. Jerry Bogan is making a splash with “Let It Rain” where you’ll just want to soak it all up! And I can’t wait to hear the entire album now as Jerry Bogan is on my music radar and one to watch out for in 2016!

By Jimmy Rae (