Rev Peter Unger – “Christmas Cards”


Rev Peter Unger’s “Christmas Cards” recalls the sweetness of the season. The arrangement is simple and tasteful. Kept airy the piece has a warmth to it akin to that of a fireplace. With his strong reassuring voice Rev Peter Unger brings everything together as he describes an ideal Christmas. A narrative ties the entirety of the piece together from the sense of community that Christmas inspires to the tradition that helps to define what Christmas means. By incorporating all of this Rev Peter Unger is able to create a song that accurately depicts history while looking forward into the future.

Rev Peter Unger – “Christmas Cards”

Crisp guitar introduces the piece on a quiet subdued note. From there the piano comes it ever so gently. Rev Peter Unger sings of the naturalistic feeling of the wintertime from the snowflakes dancing in the air to the caroling. Invoking the spirit of Christmas he describes the importance of the freshly fallen snow around Christmastime. Before winter truly begins, it starts in December and has a certain specialness. Watching the snow fall on the ground in time for Christmas gives Christmas a feeling of calm and inner peace. Synthesizer serves an important role within the song giving the song a feeling of wordless caroling. The story of Christmas is used to further express exactly how the spirit behind the holiday is one of bringing cherished ones together.

“Christmas Cards” celebrates the best of Christmas and does it with elegance.

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