Taking care of your body does not only mean your skin. It means every other aspect that supports your skin functions. The skin is one of the largest organs of the body and a reflection of your overall health. As the concept of ayurveda, you should also have other beauty rituals you can do at home to ensure your entire body is in good health. Your arms, your feet and even your back require constant care to keep you in optimum health.

This is why you should use aromatherapy oils and other essential oils to help you relax. These self-care regimens vary from one person to the other, in terms of efficiency and their ability to perform the care. The regimens are designed with the objective of maintaining the radiance through your entire body and promoting the skin glow.

It is very simple and with the aid of the best ayurvedic products in USA, you will feel the difference. It is a way of honoring your body and appreciating its function. The rituals are for every person regardless of gender and age.

Foot massage
You need to have a soak solution with natural ingredients like honey or lemon to soften your feet and encourage blood flow. All you need to do, is hold your foot in your palms and massage softly but firmly in circular motions. Apply just a bit of pressure around the soles of your feet, the ankle joint area and around the toes.

When you are almost finished, slap the sole a few times and press the center which is a pressure point. This will help the flow of apana vayu energy through the legs.
You can also use oils like almond oil and warm it to keep the feet warm as you massage.

Caring for your tresses
This is a very simple process and you can do it as you bathe. Hair and scalp oils are essential in promoting the growth of hair and moisture locking. They also relieve headaches by promoting blood circulation. Oils like tea tree ward off dandruff and also relieve colds and flu.

Make sure that your hair is clean of any beauty products. Then heat a few teaspoons of coconut oil or sesame oil. Ensure the oil is not too hot; just warm. Apply the oil from the root to the edges, massaging gently from the hairline, the temple and inward. Leave the oil for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Loving your face and eyes
Your face requires the cleansing, toning and exfoliation. Use an oxygenating mask which is usually ready to use or make one at home. Smooth out the mask with your hands without covering your eyes. Ensure it covers your face all the way to your hairline. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes or as per the directions of the ayurveda product. Peel the mask and cleanse with warm water.
You can cover your eyes with rose petals or slices of cucumber to get rid of any puffiness around the area. The cucumber has a cooling effect which reduces swelling.

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