“Believe in Good Girls” by up-and-coming artists A+A is by far the best song produced this Fall and is definitely radio ready. The group announced the release of their new track on Soundcloud. Listening to the new single will not only leave listeners breathless but it will blow them away. This singer-songwriting duo, knows although getting over a breakup is hard, realizing the moment the singer truly hates the girl is when he states “I hate you” and is able to feel the sting of loving her. Searching for the perfect way to tell a past lover “I love you” but “I hate you”? This song is it! Wow. The intriguing and interchanging melody paired with the singers subtle yet powerful vocals, give life to the track and a fresh incomparable unbelievable sound. Not to mention, an all too familiar story the audience can relate to on an emotional level. Although the lead vocalists clearly states “I hate you” throughout the refrain not for one minute will the audience believe he is truly over her. This song is without a doubt on its way to becoming a favorite on everyone’s playlist. Take the new track everywhere with you and enjoy the sounds of A+A.

Listen to “Believe in Good Girls” on SoundCloud here: