Stephen Monroe – “The Devil”


In an age where so many bands are reiterations on the same theme, Stephen Monroe’s “The Devil” feels refreshing honest. Full of true grit and soul, the song has a raw intimate quality to it. Vocals are straight from the heart. Kept to the absolute basics the fidelity is pristine. With the guitar as his only accompaniment, Stephen Monroe works with the acoustic sound quite exquisitely. No electric guitar is needed for Stephen Monroe’s powerful voice requires no electric accompaniment: his voice is electric. Possessing a clever sense of lyricism the song moves forward with tremendous energy.

Stephen Monroe “The Devil” Audio Video

Careful guitar strumming introduces the song. The song describes how the devil won this one again. The idea of how evil can simply get into a person’s mind bringing misery and woe always seems to ignore the temptation of evil. From here Stephen Monroe’s voice twists and turns in pangs of spiritual agony. By evil blinding the vision of the good it becomes easy to simply let demons wins. As Stephen Monroe builds his voice up the guitar grows in intensity. Kept simple the song builds up purely with tension, anxiety, and frustration. Letting things stay so remarkably clear the lyrics gain additional impact. At times Stephen Monroe’s voice tries to become triumphant against the unknowable forces of evil. However hard Stephen Monroe tries to shield himself from the temptations it becomes too hard to resist.

Harking back from an earlier era, Stephen Monroe creates a story of conviction on “The Devil”.

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