Gordy Hunt – ‘Seniority’


Gordy Hunt composes richly-layered tunes about life, heartbreak, love, sacrifice, memories, joy, triumph, toil and other realities of humankind. His artful lyrics and sensational performances reveal life’s extraordinary moments and via his own vivid, personal adventures. It’s obvious to me Hunt is an experienced singer/songwriter/performer/musician that reminds me of a wide range of influences, including perhaps The Beatles, Sister Hazel, The Tragically Hip, The Eagles, Traveling Wilbury’s and maybe Bruce Springsteen to The Wildflowers. These are shots in the dark by the way.

His latest album Seniority was released in 2015 and without question delivers a strong and diverse collection of music that really showcases all the powerful elements of classic rock and jam band with a vivid musical personality. Did I mention this guy is based out of the Michigan – so he has some soul. The unobtrusive vocals from Hunt meshed with good musicianship, and an as good as it gets writing style makes a very real impact. For guys like me, the more old school listener, this CD will no doubt make a splash and prove to be very enjoyable. For the more mainstream crowd it will sound like it belongs in your uncle’s record collection. The song structures are well developed and pretty complex all around – straight ahead 4 piece delivery and there are 14 pieces including 2 bonus tracks “Only With You” and “Waiting for Terry.”

Vocals from Hunt are solid! I might add some of the greatest songs of all time will cause you to want to reflect and ponder – here Hunt is most brilliant as he totally let’s loose behind the mic. This whole album starts in grand fashion with “Looking Forward to Your Love” and “Love Circus.” – 2 thought provoking pieces. “Seniority”, “September 10, and Michigan Love sealed the deal for me and had me convinced what I was holding something extraordinary in my hands. Some other notable pieces are the title track, “Mr & Mrs Greene” and “Out of Love with You.” He’s clearly a master at delivering vocal emotion (singer to listener). The music shows this is a band of substance and character. It’s true much of “Seniority’ gives way to a more stripped back roots of the greatest rock n roll party ever held in the 60’s and 70’s. I am thankful to have grown up in that era and gotten a taste of it. I look at Hunt and I see a modern day version or product of those amazing times. Who would have thought that amazing snapshot of time would produce the greatest music the world has even known.

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqHHA5tqG7c

Purchase Link: http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=9924157

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