Bitter’s Kiss – “Love Won’t Make You Cry”


Sometimes you just know when you’re running into a future-voice of music. You get that chill on your spine…that tingle that comes from listening to something truly magical and truly special. In the case of Bitter’s Kiss – that magic is supplied by the young Chloe Baker, who is already well on her way to becoming the superstar this new-single “Love Won’t Make You Cry” hints that she’ll be. With clever video-support for the single shot in beautiful, emotional scenes that really capture the gorgeous sound of this sweet new song; it hasn’t even been out for a full month yet and she’s nearly got 50K hits!

Then you swing over to the Bitter’s Kiss Facebook page and you realize that huge hit count on the video is completely justifiable – she’s well-past 80K for followers on the page and the excitement is clearly growing around the talented Chloe. Coming from a background spent largely in promotions…I can tell you firsthand that numbers for the most part, mean nothing to me; it’s rare that you can see all the hit-counts across the board indicate the consistency that shows nothing has been tampered with. In an even MORE rare move by yours truly here…I’m going to allow these numbers into evidence here in my musical-courtroom today…this is one time I believe in them.

Because make no mistake…these ears have never let me down. When I know I’m hearing ‘it’ – I never doubt that instinct…and I’m telling you that what Chloe Baker is doing in Bitter’s Kiss is going to lead her towards every set of speakers on stereos worldwide. I’m a massive fan already…she’s got me wrapped around her finger with this first single I’ve heard…it’s absolutely stunning and absolutely perfect.

And although there are artists like Regina Spektor or Ellie Goulding that exist already…if you were to ask ME – the world can stand for a whole lot more of those! I think that we’ll see Chloe take Bitter’s Kiss right to the same level of success if she keeps making music of this quality. I also think there’s a spectacular mathematical probability of this happening when you take into account her listed influences also reveal a love for strong, empowering song-writers like Sarah McLachlan and Carole King – everything from what I’ve read to what I’ve heard & seen all indicate that this young lady is absolutely on the right track.

Singing sweetly, Bitter’s Kiss sounds astounding on “Love Won’t Make You Cry.” Chloe brings beautiful emotion to these words with her natural-talent; her voice has style, perfect tone and just the right amount of slight-cracks & breaks that reveal the true-control of a singer that understands exactly how she wants to sound. Don’t mistake those cracks for mistakes – they’re not; she uses her voice just like an instrument itself and truly knows just how to make the most out of each passing moment.

Well-written, produced and performed – the melody and the voice remain the star throughout “Love Won’t Make You Cry.” As subtle and gorgeously-stunning as the music and the video are…there is nothing that can take the focus away from the beautiful vocals and singing coming into your ears.

Every day I’m here and I’m listening to music…I’m here to tell you the honest opinion from the perspective of a guy that truly loves music more than anything else on earth. I do my best to remain objective…to not get over-excited about what’s normal…to point out what is truly extraordinary…

I’m extremely proud to have stumbled upon “Love Won’t Make You Cry” – and what Chloe has started in Bitter’s Kiss is a sound/style I’ll be sure to be keeping an ear out for in the future. I think the potential here for her to take her honest, humble-sound straight to the top of the charts and become that household-name is absolutely MASSIVE. So again…if you’re here reading…and you’re truly looking for advice on what to listen to…and you’ve read the comparisons, the stats, the insights from myself…and they all make sense to you – then start listening to Bitter’s Kiss right NOW. This stunningly-beautiful & talented singer/song-writer is absolutely destined for superstardom…and mark my words – she’ll get there.

Have a look at this amazing video for “Love Won’t Make You Cry” by Bitter’s Kiss below and make sure to find out more and support what Chloe is creating at her official Facebook page:

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