The taper fade haircut is undeniably the in-thing today. It is being rocked by everyone from kindergarten children to the “who-is-who” of Hollywood. This is one extremely trendy haircut thanks to its versatility and diversity. It can be combined with other hairstyles to produce something even more complex as you can spot on the men’s hairstyles club gallery. It is also diverse in that it can be adorned by men of all races, ages and hair colors. There are some hairstyles that would look completely off simply because of the color hair. If you were looking for clever men’s hairstyles then the taper fade is probably the finest idea to work with.

What is a taper fade cut?

Once upon a time, not so long ago though, the fade was not a thing at all. In fact men had a fear of cutting their hair. This was partly because the equipment available or the job was questionably off. In this period of time there was the classic taper haircut. It was the trendiest things of the time. Men of all calibers were stumbling over each other to get this haircut done on them. The taper fade haircut is almost similar to the classic taper. The only difference is that it has some fancy additions to it that make it very modern.

With the taper fade haircut, the hair at the crown (top of the head) is at its longest length. This is when it is compared to the hair on the sides and the back of the head. From the top of the head, the length gradually fades/tapers down to the back and sides. There are multiple variations of this haircut where the length drastically fades- it just disappears after a few inches to an almost bald state. As you might have guessed, the gradual fade comes highly favored. This is because it looks very neat. The drastic fade also works for some people.

How about maintenance?

Before you get hair stylist to work on your hair there are several things that you will need to take into consideration. One of these is the maintenance of your hair. If the hair is going to give you too much of a challenge every morning when it comes to styling it, you should just avoid it, right? This haircut is definitely not the taper fade haircut. The hairstyle is so easy to maintain that all your friends might be tempted to get it on their heads as well.

To make things even more interesting is the fact that you can twist and tweak and turn it in various directions to create different haircut styles. You could easily make people believe that you visit your hairstylist every week. You will definitely love this look.

It is only fair to close by mentioning that there is a multitude of various types of the taper haircut styles that are available for your selection. Among these is the side-parted cut which is the closest relative of the classic taper cut. There is also the disconnected undercut fade which is just so modern and you will love it. The faux hawk, high fade and low fade are also fantastic.