Just coming off liver transplant surgery and the agony of waiting for it to finally happen, Walter didn’t waste any time getting back on the road and in the studio. This album, his 42nd, reflects his recent afflictions and a newly inspired blues journey. Walter just started a global tour with his current lineup of Sammy Avila on keys, Michael Leasure on drums, and Johnny Griparic on bass.

Almost Gone summarizes his physical state during the process and Omaha Prelude explores his reflecting while waiting for surgery. Please Take Me Home is a really nice ballad, with some of his trademark guitar licks. Tomorrow Seems So Far Away has a Leslie West feel to it. Playing Hideaway picks up the pace a bit with some nice leads. My Ship Came In is a slow shuffle describing that just when the record company finally got behind him for a 25th Anniversary promotion and tour, the illness forced him to cancel. Cold, Cold Ground is a slow bluesy take that has a Robin Trower nuance. Gonna Live Again is a nice acoustic blues ballad.

It looks like veteran bluesman Walter has his voice and fingers back on track. The blues are typically about pain, suffering, and the long road to success. Walter has definitely traveled this road, and has a lot to share about the journey.

By R.M. Engelman