Flying Colors is made up of talented veterans Steve Morse on guitar, Mike Portnoy on drums, Dave LaRue on bass, Neal Morse on keys and vocals, and Casey McPherson on vocals. The release is set to be in multiple versions, including 2-CD’s and a DVD. The release is also done in various unique ways. The listener can select 5.1 surround from behind the soundboard or front row. The audio mix is available in Headphone Surround. The recording was mastered to 2″ analog tape and then digitized separately for each format. The audio used a new process Harmonic Phrase Analysis which creates a more organic feel. The 24 camera shot video was mastered by Cinnafilm using Dark Energy, IMAX technology. For a compete explanation of all of this, check their website!

Needless to say, this is quite a collection of styles. The production has an overall Trans Siberian Orchestra flavor to it. Overture has a definite Sgt. Pepper feel to it. A Place In Your World is very Yes-like, especially the bass and organ parts. Forever In A Daze has vocals that conjure up Uriah Heep. Kayla is a ballad that has a medieval sound to it. Shoulda Coulda Woulda has a heavier edge to it. The Fury of My Love is a nice Beatlesque ballad. One Love Forever also has a Yes-feel to it. Mask Machine is a nice cut, one of the faster songs. The Storm is a good medium paced song.

Well, FC brings back a lot of familiar sounding riffs, choruses, and blasts from your mind’s past. These guys are excellent musicians and their influences definitely show. Steve’s guitar work in itself is worth hearing.

By R.M. Engelman