No pens or paper needed for this Rhode Island-based artist as Richard H keeps it all up stairs in the old memory bank. It’s all about the quality and real truth when it comes to Richard H’s music accepting nothing less. With a debut album in the works that’s expected to be released in the spring of 2016, be on the lookout for this up-and-coming artist from Providence. Richard H is looking to make ‘A Grand Entrance’ next year with “platinum production” and eight different music genres on the upcoming album.

J Rae: So I see that you were born in Providence, Rhode Island and wondering if you’re still living there. How’s life in Rhode Island, in general? And curious to know what the rap/hip-hop scene is like in Providence?

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/actualllemusic

Richard H: Yes J Rae I still live there. Life in Rhode Island fits me as a person; it is very laid back with not a whole lot of ruckus but just cool, calm and collective you know. As far as the Rap/Hip Hop Scene there is a lot of talent but not a whole lot of unity. Everyone is in a race to be the first person to really put Rhode Island on the map that, in my opinion, is the one reason outside of Aarab Muzik Rhode Island, as a whole, struggles with getting and maintaining exposure.

J Rae: You seem to be immersed in many different aspects of the music business from writing your own songs and mixing the tracks yourself to directing and engineering in the studio. What got you so involved with the whole music making process as a self-sufficient artist?

Richard H: Lack of Support from my surrounding community and by the way I create all my songs off the top of my head with no pencil or paper.

J Rae: You’re the proud Owner/CEO of an indie label and social network called Actualll E. and wondering how that came about and what inspired you to go this route? How many and what type of artists do you have on the label and how does the social networking feature work on the site (www.actualll.net)?

Richard H: As far as the indie label (Actualll E. Music) with the E standing for Entertaining it was mainly to protect my works so that I can begin to receive royalties. So far I’m the Lone Ranger on my label. I am not just a Hip Hop artist; I dabble in various different genres. To access the Social Network feature on my site just go to the left hand corner on the site click the login tab make a profile and start uploading photos, videos and more. This is located at www.actuallle.net. The E in this case stands for Entertainment.

J Rae: What’s the biggest challenge for a rapper in today’s world and music market?

Richard H: Marketing and exposure in my opinion. There are still people that feel the world is a better place without R.A.P. or Hip Hop so marketing help sometimes vary the level of exposure the artist is allowed to receive.

J Rae: Word is that you’re working on a new album and wanted to know how that’s coming along? What can the Skope audience and ALL listeners expect to hear from Richard H’s upcoming album?

Richard H: You can expect platinum production, in total a mix of 8 different genres. Which are Hip Hop, R.A.P., R&B, EDM, Rock, Dancehall, Pop, and Country Rap actually stand for Raw African Protest and got its initial start during the slavery era and was actually abolished during that era. It is its own genre. A surprise, never released bonus remix track from a platinum recording artist featuring yours truly. No shot them up drive by anthems because I never shot a gun. My music is real, true to life music, which at times bares a message. I’m looking for a release sometime late spring of 2016 so be on the lookout for ‘A Grand Entrance’ (The Debut Album) by Richard H and download the title track called “A Grand Entrance” on iTunes now.



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