If the owner of a concert venue, the concert’s producer and promoters fail to secure the property and event from violence that can injure people who are legally on the premises, anybody that was hurt at the event as a result to properly secure it can file an injury claim against them and seek compensation for their injuries. This might be particularly true if there was a history of crime or violence at that location or those types of events.

How you might get hurt from negligent security

In efforts to avoid both violence and potential liability for the violence, security personnel are often hired. There are times though that attendees at these events are injured by or through the security personnel themselves. According to Ladah Law Firm, they can include:

•Security guards that used excessive force
•Negligent hiring by failure to perform full background checks
•The lack of or faulty security equipment like cameras

The physical force factor

Physical force or the threat of it is a part of the job for security personnel. What comes to issue is whether in the context of your conduct at a concert, a security guard used reasonable or excessive force in an altercation. Liability turns on that line between reasonable and excessive force. If the force exceeds, the danger to other event attendees, security personnel might have gone over the line.

Assault, battery and false imprisonment

These are among the most common allegations against security personnel. Assault occurs when a security guard intends to place you in imminent apprehension of bodily harm. Actual touching isn’t required. The threat is what’s actionable. A battery occurs when there’s actual touching, and they use harmful or offensive contact on you with the intent to do so. False imprisonment occurs when security personnel detain you and intentionally restrict your freedom to move about with apparent lawful authority to do so.

The employers of security personnel might also be held liable under a legal theory known as vicarious liability. What opens the door to vicarious liability are allegations that the security personnel involved in the altercation weren’t properly or sufficiently trained. Weigh your conduct against the amount of any force that might have been used against you, and be prepared to have witnesses on your behalf. If you’re thinking about bringing a lawsuit against security personnel or their employer, a producer, promoter or landowner, speak with a knowledgeable and experienced negligent security lawyer. Any case weighs heavily on your own conduct.