Bruce Lev – “Jessica” (Feat. Juice Lucafo)


The Soundcloud write-up for this song is actually pretty interesting when you break it all down. The first thing you might notice is the outright confidence in this laid-back adult-contemporary track’s statement “FYC – “Jessica” will appear in the best “Arrangement, Instruments & Vocals” category.” Look out Grammy’s – cause the statement makes no claim to any specific one venue or awards show – so I suppose we have to assume Bruce Lev and his new single are aiming for, well, ALL the hardware to go along with this excellently written tune.

The next thing you’d notice of course, is that the song itself is based upon the story of Bruce’s 2 year-old niece that was about to move far away from him. Even though she’s the star of this song, I’m presuming she’s moved away with her mom & dad and not on her own off in the Hollywood-hills just yet. But all kidding aside – what a beautiful choice of subject to write about!


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Brought to life through a vivacious, emotional performance from Juice Lucafo through the vocals…this melody is executed flawlessly. Of course…you all know that adult-contemporary isn’t something you read about on our pages everyday…errr…if ever actually – this might be the first to officially label itself that way over three years though I’m sure we’ve come close many times. A well-written song is a well-written song – genres don’t take away from that fact ever, and the best of the best in any genre is something I welcome into my headphones with open-ears every day of the week. Though it’s not my most knowledgeable area of music’s entire landscape – I know a great song when I hear one and this smooth effort here from Bruce and sung beautifully by Juice certainly qualifies as such.

And as heartbreaking as much of it is, “Jessica” never loses its feeling & atmosphere of love, hope and admiration for the young girl. Clearly a personal story and clearly an important part of his life, Bruce has written a beautiful set of words to dictate his feelings. True credit to Juice, she’s made the words come alive through the energy & emotion in her vocals – definitely a winning combination in the talent of these two working together. Beautiful piano, gentle & tender string/synth sounds fill the rest of the atmosphere and the vocals swirl gorgeously right into the music.

Definitely smart writing here from Bruce Lev; they say to ‘write what you know’ (whoever they are) and they might very well be right on the mark with that instruction – he’s definitely come out with a sweet, sentimental song that sounds authentically beautiful and real without overdoing it in any aspect on “Jessica.” It’s truly flawless and sparkles in its stunning combination of melody.

And if you examine that Soundcloud page even further…you’ll see that maybe the write-up wasn’t so far off the mark either – I’m pretty sure that’s Bruce down in the bottom-left corner already holding up an award well-earned for this extremely well-written and beautiful song…or for another one of his impressive achievements along his journey. Seems like a great guy and a great song-writer. Well done brother!

Check out Bruce Lev’s official homepage for more info!

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