With her previous video for “Addiction,” we introduced you to Chandani, a vivacious, tenacious and exceptionally talented 18 year old who showed a poise and personal composition far behind her years. For all of us who were moved by her maturity and ability to tackle such a serious topic, be prepared for another reality check. Her new video “Forgive You,” tackles the complex topic of mental illness and the effects it has on all parties involved.

“Forgive You” is a video that is built upon an improvisational creation and a sudden beauty that appears in fleeting moments that only last until the next moment arrives. Much like the struggles of the affliction of psychological turmoil, the meaning behind it can be hard to decipher through the noise but what is important is knowing that despite the whirlwind of emotions involved, having a loved one or loved ones there to stand nearby can make all of the difference in the world.

The foundation of the video involves Chandani set up in a dark room, dressed in all white while illuminated with a black light. It’s the perfect palette for what happens next. Gallons and gallons of paint are used in a Pollock-esque approach to creating a this piece of art with Chandani as a living canvas. She interacts with her partner in the video, taking turns splashing paint. Absent of all of the color is shots of Chandani also behind a set of barred windows, in a stark white room, much like the psychological facilities referred to in the opening narration. While the colors swirl on the inside, the facade does not always match. Heavy stuff for sure, but as we’ve seen from Chandani, it’s not too much for her to address with conviction and sensitivity.