Rev Peter Unger – ‘The Memories Of God’


“The Memories Of God” is a reverent, inviting piece. Lyrics serve as the focus of the work as Rev Peter Unger’s voice possesses great power. With clear rich resonant delivery the clarity of the sound is of the utmost importance. Right on the edge of the track are small flourishes of sound which help to give the song an even greater amount of color. Guitar work is pitch perfect serving as Rev Peter Unger’s main accompaniment. Besides the guitar there is the piano which always seems to come in at just the right time.

“The Memories of God”

Gentle guitar introduces the song. A few moments pass as the rest of the piece comes together. Then there is Rev Peter Unger’s reassuring voice. Buildup of the song happens with such subtly. Lyrics have a narrative sensibility to them as the piece elaborates upon the passage of time. Every piece of time exists for a distinct purpose to pass on to others. Optimism flows from this message as the concept of life is realized to be something far larger than initially believed. By focusing on the spirituality of the ordinary there is a sense of purpose associated with what may at first appear to be unrelated events. For the final moments of the track Rev Peter Unger’s voice reaches great heights as the song tampers off.

With “The Memories Of God” Rev Peter Unger celebrates the beauty of life itself, of its constant regeneration.

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