Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show No. 1060


The Doughboys “She Comes In Colors” recalls the best of 60s jangling psychedelic pop. From the angular guitar work to the taut rhythms the song is absolutely infectious. With sharp concise lyrics the song is pitch perfect.

“CameRA” from Veronika has a clear dystopian aesthetic. From the surveillance cameras to the jagged base lines, it all has an anxious mood to it. Veronika’s vocals though help to truly color in the piece. With her voice she exudes a feeling sexuality directly related to the voyeurism explored throughout the song.


With stark delivery is the fantastic folk hip-hop hybrid of “Get Away” from Nalani and Sarina. Everything is so precise on this song from the crystal clear vocals to the hit-hitting beat. They let the song build up gradually reaching at times an absolute fevered pitch.

A primordial sound dominates on Zombie Garden Club’s “Ache of Love”. For this particular their song oozes out of a haze. The rhythm has a natural quality to it and the delightful Zen-like adherence to a colossal rift.

Fortunately the Doughboys return with their patented tasteful sound on “Wishful Thinking”. Here they tap into the blues as the song has a slightly more melancholy vibe to it. Rhythms are slowed down. Lyrics are introspective and long for companionship.

Short teasers come out with the Conceptz “Funky 5” whose groove is absolutely luscious. Additional information is given about the Doughboys, a group that broke up decades ago and came back together, hence explaining much of their aesthetic and classic sound. With clips one gets the sense of a band with a long and fascinating history. “Forever More” from Hizreturn helps to mellow things out before New Jersey’s The Satisfactors gritty sound brings the episode to a close.

Posted by Beach Sloth