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It’s not disco… and it’s not Madonna… Che-Val is beautifully crafted modern alternative pop emerging from urban depths with crashing melodies and pulsating bass lines that will make your heart hurt! A husband and wife team, Che-Val was launched initially from infatuation, but quickly evolved into the realization that both partners have an explosive passion to create a unique musical genre that will speak to a whole new generation of music lovers.

As a powerful musical duo, Laura and Kenny Cash blend live orchestration with electronic synths to conjure their very own edgy sound. Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Kenny Cash produced Che-Val’s debut track “My Beat,” which is an homage to the ’80s and early ’90s (sax solo and all). Evoking images of record shops and vinyl sleeves, this addictively energetic song features a spattering of allusions to different artists of that inspiring era: everyone from MC Hammer to Frankie Goes to Hollywood. “My Beat” was released in August 2014 and reached number #55 on the Top 40 Mediabase Activator chart. Che-Val’s first EP entitled Gone Mad is set for release in Spring 2015.