You remember your first concert. You went on a road trip to see the auditory object of your affections just to fulfill your childhood fantasy. The stage filled with lights and colors, the band nailed their high-pitched solos—but the crowd was awful. You couldn’t even enjoy the concert because the person next to you was so obnoxious.

We all know what it’s like to go to a concert with a complete jerk. Even if you come just to enjoy the music, one impolite concert-goer can turn your dream event into a nightmare. Read the rest of this post for three things you should do to avoid becoming that fan at your next concert.

Put Your Phone Down

Despite what you may think, some of the people came to this concert to enjoy the music—ot just to post it to their snap story. When you hoist up a smartphone so big it looks like a tablet, you don’t just annoy your neighbor—you block others view of the stage.

If you want to be a courteous concert goer (and if you want your friends to invite you next time), keep your phone in your pocket after one picture. The people behind you will thank you, and you’ll be glad you watched the concert directly instead of viewing it through the lens of your phone’s crappy camera.

Keep Your Beer to Yourself

Everyone who wanted to drink alcohol at the concert can buy their own beer. If you plan to drink, don’t spill or splatter other fans. Otherwise you face a sticky mess and some infuriated total strangers.

Be aware of how much you intake as well. While a little alcohol can help you loosen up and have a good time, over drinking makes you a hazard to others and may keep you from getting home safely. If you attempt to drive after having one too many, you risk serious fines and even jail time–you can read more here about the consequences of a DUI conviction. Know your limits, and always bring a designated driver to the concert with you.

If You Must Sing, Use Your Inside Voice

When you see your favorite band in concert, you may not be able to restrain yourself from bursting into song. But when you sing so loudly that you upstage the band, you prevent those around you from enjoying the melodic sounds of a live performance. To keep the crowd happy, sing along politely. If you feel hoarse or lose your voice at the end of the night, you know you’ve taken things too far.

When you remember these three tips, you’ll feel more involved at the concert, and you guarantee that your friends will want to invite you to future events. Ask the concert venue for more tips on etiquette for your next music performance.