Zander is a Floridian singer and songwriter who plays guitar with passion and purpose, discovering tropical pop through an easy rhythm and surf guitar. Inspired by surfing the Florida coast and enjoying fiery sunsets, Zander’s music brings intense beats and rad sounds that shares his love for “retro music and the ocean”. His latest songs take you to a summery flavor at the beach, with no worries and no place to go.

Getting his start as frontman of the notable band The Crazy Carls, Zander is well known for his high-energy performances and spectacular showmanship. He has headlined venues throughout Florida and the South, as well as opening for major acts including Fall Out Boy, Dirty Heads, Weezer and The Wailers. Hitting the road is always an inspiration and Zander feels at home traveling from Huntington Beach, California, all the way up to Long Beach, New York. With a new name and a new sound, Zander has been busy in the studio recording new tracks for his fans.