After listening to “Aw Hell”, the new single from Swerve’s upcoming yet-to-be-titled EP coming out this fall, you may be forgiven for not thinking this band hails from Los Angeles or even the United States for that matter. Steeped in Brit Rock like Oasis, The Libertines, and Stone Roses, “Aw Hell” pulls you in with its deceptive simplicity. Listen and download Swerve’s fantastic new single “Aw Hell” on Soundcloud.

Swerve is the creation of Los Angeles based songwriter Gregory Mahdesian. Officially formed in early 2015 with drummer Casey Baird, guitarist Ryan Berti, and bassist Brandon Duncan, Swerve went through a few incarnations before finalizing the line-up. Music was a lifelong pursuit of Gregory’s and some of the first Swerve songs started coming together as early as 2011 – locked in a downtown loft in his early 20’s contemplating whether anyone even cared about guitar music anymore.