Peter Kater – ‘Love’


On “Love” Peter Kater displays his impressive talent proving why he is one of the best pianists around today. With a multitude of accolades already to his name, “Love” proves that they are well-deserved. Elegant and stylish Peter Kater has a voice that is uniquely his own. The piano here is mined for an emotional depth that few can reach. By letting these pieces nicely flow into each other the songs possess a unique spirit about them as they glide towards tender terrain.

Peter Kater receives the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from ZMR


Carefully drawn out the opening track “Love” is a patient and kind piece of work. Peter Kater lets it build up moving into some breathtaking flourishes. Conjuring up images of Debussy is the gentle spirit of “Innocence” where his delicate touch shows the infinite optimism that flows through much of the album. Rhythmically soothing is the powerful work of “Deeply” as it ebbs and flows from the subdued to the stratospheric. Easily the highlight of the album is the divine work of “Intimacy”. On here Peter Kater lets the sound simply linger as the cyclical nature of the piece lets it gradually come into full bloom. Full of sheer loveliness is the hallowed tones of “Union” where Peter Kater’s work gains great volume benefitting from his passionate performance, like a sonic approximation of a raging sea. Bringing the album to a close is the meditative spare work of “Passion”. For this track Peter Kater celebrates space as the piece is drawn out into dreamier territories.


Melodically sound, resonant, and rich Peter Kater’s “Love” is a gem of an album. It can be found right here.

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