Fiona Joy – ‘Signature – Solo’


Fiona Joy taps into an infinite calm on the reassuring “Signature – Solo”. With crystal clear tones Fiona Joy’s work feels akin to watching a gently flowing river. Pieces work together to create an overall compelling portrait. The delicate pieces reveal great depth without having to say a single word. Pacing is perfect as Fiona Joy’s careful playing recalls the same emotional work as Claude Debussy’s emotionally charged work. One of the great pleasures of Fiona Joy’s “Signature – Solo” comes from the confidence with which she plays.


Restraint defines the album’s opener “Ceremony”. From the simple introduction it enters a full-bodied sound as Fiona Joy dives ever deeper into her exploration of melody. Even quieter is the hushed hues of “Grace” whose introspective tones radiate with pure hope. The sounds fall ever so slowly on the careful “Once Upon Impossible (Solo Piano)” where Fiona Joy transforms the song’s initial darkness into light. With a powerful rhythm comes “Invisible Train” where Fiona Joy displays her mastery as the piece moves to include new textures akin to an ever shifting kaleidoscope. Returning to the “Once Upon Impossible” piece she includes her voice for the duet. Deeply moving with an angelic voice the song is one of the main highlights of the album. Bringing things to a satisfying conclusion is “Little Star”. As a fitting conclusion “Little Star” plays as a wonderful lullaby.

“From The Mist”

“Signature – Solo” reveals the sound of a master at work. Fiona Joy’s “Signature – Solo” is a serene tender album.

Posted by Beach Sloth