Nestled in the winds of small town praire life, Brady Enslen’s songs embody the nostalgic simplicity of growing up on the rural plains. On this, his debut offering, Enslen’s steady-going guitar playing and thoughtful melodies create a palpable backdrop for his honest and meaningful lyrics.

Through these songs of love and innocence, trains, geography, and whiskey, Enslen recalls the intimate roots style of Josh Rouse and the alt-Americana approach of bands such as Whiskeytown. As if extending an open-ended invitation over droning double bass, subtle yet driving tom work, and melancholic country violin on the title track, the lyrics “beautiful things don’t ask for attention, they won’t beg for your affection” encapsulate the album’s lifeblood. Understated treasures waiting to be discovered in the mystery of mountain mist and the wavering dust of the Western landscape.