PLVNET – ‘Mvke BeLIEve’


Displaying a wide variety of stylistic twists and turns, PLVNET’s “Mvke BeLIEve” shows off a band with its own unique voice. Their exploration of dynamics from the full-on aural assaults to the quiet reflective moments helps to give the band a sense of surprise and wonder. Melodically rich and texturally dense these are songs to get lost in, as the layers of sound are positively compelling.



Fuzzed out beyond belief is the playful work of “Phoenix, N/A” which recalls the chaotic work of Mr. Bungle. With a infectious rhythm is the unstoppable work of “Who Knows” where the turntables do wonders in adding a sense of gleeful abandon into the mix. “No One Here” builds up gradually growing in volume and intensity before outright bursting at the seams for its final moments. Employing an elastic groove is the bombastic work of “Enemy”. Showing off their considerable chops with a funky sensibility is the passionate work of “Sleeping with Thieves”. Towards the final stretch of the album PLVNET moves into dreamier territory. By far the highlight of the album is the dreamy expansive rhythms of “The Door (Mvke Believe)” as it appears to aim for the stars. Bringing the album to a tasteful conclusion is the acoustic-driven “Comets”. Stripped down to the absolute essentials PLVNET keeps things simple creating an intimate setting.

Employing hard-hitting drums, blistering guitar work, and the turntable flourishes, “Mvke BeLIEve” is an unstoppable beast of a record.

Posted by Beach Sloth