Kuba Ka_phixr

The stage explodes with energy and the crowd roars as it is filled with scantly clad women and mythological images. Bright lights surround the venue and the sexy women dance to the rhythmic beats pulsating from the speakers. Finally the performer they have all come to see appears bedecked as a Greek or Roman soldier grabbing the mic ready to deliver his message.

That performer is the humble yet imposing individual known as KUBA KA ( From the small country of Poland, Kuba dove into performing at a very young age. At five years old he became obsessed with music and performing in general. He started a music collection with albums by such legends like Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and even Greek Opera singer Maria Callas. But he was also hooked on action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. Kuba soon had the opportunity to perform on stage in front of frenzied crowds. This was when the music / performance seed was planted.

“I started as a child and was always looking at the big picture. In 2001 I had a dream to come and perform in America. And now to be living in L.A. and to be sitting here in New York was surreal to me back then but I made it a reality.”

One of his most memorable moments in his career was being managed by Michael Jacksons manager Frank DiLeo. Even though Frank passed on before they were able to release any of the music he felt blessed to work with him.

As an entertainer he ventured into all aspects of the field. He has done TV, Theatre and film. Kuba finds neither more challenging than the other. For he has developed a love for the audience whether it is live or via a visual platform it makes no difference. Currently, he is in talks with an author about bringing his New York Times bestseller to the silver screen. Kuba wants to play the main character in the book. Yet Kuba was not able to elaborate to much on the project. It is a cross between “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “Twilight”.

Kuba is also very big on charities and giving back to those less fortunate. He has organized campaigns in impoverished areas of Africa with live concerts. For Kuba, music is a great source of happiness for these people. He strives to shed some light in the darkest parts of the world. One specific cause he is a part of almost cost him his life. In his native Poland abuse of horses is rampant. He decided that something has to be done to stop this animal cruelty.

When he went public with his plan to expose this abuse some political groups attempted to shut him down permanently. As fate would have it nothing violent occurred but it did catch the ear of the Queen Elizabeth in Britain. She not only pledged her support but tapped Kuba to be the Ambassador of Animals in his country. He then went on to help the UN and UNICEF on many projects.

“I could not believe this was happening. I was only 9 years old. I felt like a knight in her army.”

Besides his love for animals Kuba has a huge fascination for Greek mythology. All his life he was moved by the myths and legends that made up his home library. When he visited Greece with his parents it was like he stepped into one of the glossy books on his shelf. He became obsessed with the Greek culture and adapted the ancient history into his full blown shows. Hence, the Greek columns and his signature ancient armor he wears on stage.

Kuba who was recently in New York came to work on his new single “Smash” along with a photo shoot surrounding the single. He is working with Phill Kross from Kross Entertainment and Z-100. The photo shoot took place at the Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue. Along with the single due out very soon he is also completing a comic book centered around his character. The new album entitled “Son Of Zeus” will be accompanied with the comic book. He is also working with Versace to design an action figure derived from the album title. Kuba is building one artistic block at a time to grow his presence here in America. From what it looks like he is on the way of doing just that.

by Nick Christophers