Sarantos starts off the summer with a scorching Top 40 Pop Song just as the long winter and brief cold spring seems to be finally leaving. Along the way on this road to rock, many fans and members of the media have asked Sarantos over and over again – “Why are you doing this?” Given that Sarantos doesn’t believe it is ever too late to do what you love, this latest pop song is his brutally honest response to the question.



As fans listen to the song and digest the lyrics, there is an immediate sense of understanding not only for the journey Sarantos is on, but also an injection of hope for anyone who feels trapped in life. It is common for everyone to have a dream. This secret desire and passion is usually buried deep inside one’s soul and sometimes stays forcefully hidden and never revealed until the very last breath. Sarantos emphatically says that this should never be the case. It is never too late! Let secret passions be revealed not simmer inside. At one point or another in the marathon that is life, everyone has heard every criticism imaginable, even regarding things other than their singing ability or musical talent. It is common to feel worn down and sometimes want to give in to other people’s criticisms and rejection. Sarantos screams out loud – don’t do it!

“This song is all about my burning desire to sing” says Sarantos. “I have always tried to learn from what others tell me, good or bad. So when I first had someone on Facebook tell me that my singing was terrible, it felt like a brutal slap to the face. After the initial shock wore off, I processed the critique and voraciously attacked my training and kept working at it. When I was told my lyrics were boring and flat, I went crazy reading any book or watching any video I could get my hands on. This was my dream and dammit, I would not be stopped! I accepted the criticism and tried to learn from it while taking it to heart. Is there any point to making the same mistake over and over again thinking the result would be something different? The hardest thing for anyone to be told is we suck at something. It’s not easy. As my dad always used to tell me, no one ever promised us an easy life. I have realized that I won’t appeal or endear myself to everyone. That was my goal when I was making my 1st CD but I have now settled into the pop rock genre and that is no longer my unrealistic goal. My goal is just to share my music with the world and to also raise as much money as I can for charity. I’m in this for the long haul. As long as I feel I am continuing to get better each and every day, I will wake up with a smile on my face. My motto is if you can speak, you can sing! So to anyone out there that’s too embarrassed to sing at karaoke night or in their car driving to work or in they privacy of their own shower, I have only this to tell you – what is wrong with you?? Don’t you dare ever let anyone tell you not to sing!!”