Sarantos – “I Sing”


“I Sing” embodies dance perfection. Incredibly catchy Sarantos serves as the heart and soul of the song. Here his voice sounds strong, confident, and assured. Lyrically the song is quite playful as he uses the perception others have of him to inform the song. While from the outside it may seem that things are moving into stranger territory the true power of the song comes from the happiness for such simple things. For Sarantos the greatest happiness comes from singing from freedom from the ability to express oneself.



What opens the song is a powerful hook that simply does not quit. Rhythmically the song is propulsive refusing to let up for any reason. The song’s build is quite impressive as it has a certain dubstep flavor that informs the sound. Lots of distortion helps to further define the song as the low end is particularly satisfying. By letting all of this simply build up the song grows ever larger. Eventually the song builds up into an unstoppable force. For all the volume (and this is a song that demands to be played loudly) there is an strong attention to detail, with little melodies and gradual shifts that help keep the song deeply engaging.

On the final stretch of “I Sing” Sarantos completely lets loose. Everything is let go for an absolutely entrancing race to the finish. With “I Sing” Sarantos is able to show off his more playful side, both musically and lyrically.

Posted by Beach Sloth