Featuring Jamaican dancehall/R&B singer and frequent collaborator Daron Vande, free track “Summer Love” finds moombahton pioneer Ricky Vaughn moving in a very soulful, beautiful direction, in contrast to the many bass-heavy bangers he has released in the past. He says, “If I had to pinpoint the moment I fell in love with moombahton, I would have to say it was as soon as we created this song. It’s not the synths or chopped up Spanish vocals that make the genre what it is, it’s the feeling.”

Coming out in early September with Babygrande Records, the ‘Primo’ EP finds Ricky Vaughn at a crossroads. Having just released the fifth and final edition of his seminal “Art of Moombahton” mixtape series, he now aims to broaden his horizons. “The Primo EP is the evolution of the Ricky Vaughn project in the sense that i’ve made the “bangers” that everyone loves and proved myself to my fans and the beatport charts,” says Ricky (real name Josh Vega), “I sat in my studio 5 days a week creating and re-creating my sound until I figured out what would actually “fit” who I am as an artist today.”