Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show No.1055


Betty Chrys “Dis-Moi” opens up the collection with a dramatic flair. A well-constructed, deeply moving piece it opens up the Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show with style and grace.

Paula Boggs Band goes for the heart-felt folk on “Carnival of Miracles”. At times the work’s delicate nature recalls an idyllic world, with the languid pacing helping to give the song a careful, deliberate sensibility. The slow build helps it to move forward increasing in volume and momentum.


Xavier Boscher displays a careful eye for color, letting the imagery move between the minimal and maximal. Throughout “L’origine de mon bien-etre” the variation helps to emphasize the sense of tension that is built into the piece. By giving the song fragility it allows the breakdown of the song to become that much more emotionally affecting.

“Jessica” explores the concept of nostalgia in both its sound and in its arresting visuals, looking back into the past as the music moves forward.

Bled dry of color Michael Resin’s video on “Point of No Return” has a martial quality to it. Melodic fragments float towards the front helping to give a subtle hint of joy within the rigid percussive elements.

Going for a more aggressive sound and style is the intense work of Benjamin Karmer’s “Hannah”. The song has a dystopian vibe to it as it explores gritty textures and darkened corners.

Jon Mullane’s “Body Rock” is aptly named for it is a physical experience complet with a relentless rhythm and dollops of distortion. Hizreturn goes for a quieter, more refective sound.

Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll Show returns to the halcyon dreams of music videos and they are beautiful things indeed.

Posted by Beach Sloth