With music grounded in intelligent, effortless vocals accompanied by textured and layered sounds, Melbourne’s LANKS has made a name for himself with enduring pop songs that drift into the imaginative and fantastic. Recently debuting his smooth new single ‘Settle Down’ on UK tastemaker blog The 405, LANKS has now delivered the visual accompaniment.

A somewhat peculiar insight into meal times with the singer-songwriter and producer, the video for ‘Settle Down’ was shot by Will Cuming (LANKS) and Will Devereux in Cuming’s own living room in two takes. Inspiration was partly taken from William Wegman’s weimaraner segments in Sesame Street – “…the way they are shot is always great…it’s quite humorous at the same time as being very dry and having this strong feeling of indifference.” Originally creating most of the clip with footage that didn’t follow the meaning of the song, LANKS was pushed towards this new idea in an attempt to cohesively tie the video and audio together; “This final result carries with it a lot more of the feeling of the song and quite honestly, just makes me laugh.”