“The video is mostly a reflection on the importance of curation vs. creation today. Tumblr culture. You don’t need to create it…just embrace it during its shelf life of cultural favorability and be vocal. Take what you want from whatever you want and define yourself like a Mr. Potato Head. We’re not saying this is good or bad, it just is.

There’s also an undercurrent theme of anonymity and the unimportance of the creator or the individual. Art over its maker. The reduction of pop star/cultural deity to mere blurred extra in some evening news b-roll.

Lastly, we wanted to hit the idea of referentiality in music. So much modern music is – if we’re being kind – incredibly referential, or if we’re being honest, a stale cartoon of sounds and an aesthetic boomeranging back into fashion. Everyone is guilty of it, including us. But I would say that more so than ever, a lot of trending rock and pop music finds itself in a state of genre-cycling arrested development.” – THE ARMED