Lieder Distorsion – “Auf dem Fusse”


Full of passion, Lieder Distorsion’s name originates from a type of German song from the 19th century usually for a solo voice with piano accompaniment. Lieder Distorsion have their own take on the classical origins. Much of what they do feels akin to a new take on an old form of song craft. “Auf dem Fusse” takes much larger sound. Poetic delivery comes to define the piece as it focuses exclusively on the words. Out from the words flows the rest of the song, appearing to feed off of the atmosphere of the powerful lyrics.

Lieder Distorsion “Auf dem flusse”

A muffled band and a piano accompany the vocalist. For a while they remain completely restrained keeping the tradition of the Lieder intact. Hence the band itself has a faraway cloudy feel giving the poetic meaning of the lyrics poignancy. Evolution occurs slowly for the song. When the song begins to bloom it has a symphonic feel to it. Guitar work is fine as it appears to soar above the rest of the song. Rhythmically the song ploughs through moving forwards slowly but with great determination. The band gradually builds in strength only to pull back before it unleashes its full force. Elements of the sound are unmistakably metal in origin. By the very end of the song they completely let lose as the song begins to thrash about, feeling satisfying considering all the restraint that preceded it.

On the final moments the piece returns to the near silence that introduced it. “Auf dem Fusse” is a powerful poetic piece.

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