Roman à Clef, the collaborative project of Ryan Newmyer (A Sunny Day In Glasgow), Jen Goma (ASDIG), and Kurt Feldman (Ice Choir), are extremely pleased to announce that they will release their debut album Abandonware on Infinite Best (Mr. Twin Sister, Ava Luna) this June 2nd. You can stream and share “Abadonware (Josh And Jer)” directly on Soundcloud here.

Lead single and final track “Abandonware (Josh and Jer)” is the perfect introduction to the lush, bruised romanticism of Roman à Clef and the playfully labyrinthine structure of their debut record. We fade in and it’s lights up at the final act of the play. Goma reminisces knowingly of “these games we play” as her calm cadence crescendos into an urgent, wordless hook. Newmyer muses on the days spent, the peril of treating friends like family, ordering take-out, and the difference between getting older and getting wiser. Newmyer and Goma’s back and forth give voice to all the things we think about but can never quite bring ourselves to say aloud. Now that the album is almost over, they catch up, asking after your health and your heart and like an old friend, they needle you with questions you’re afraid you might already know the answer to; “What can we bring? We still haven’t learned a thing!”. You crack back at them but the lights are already dimming and it’s getting loud, to whatever it is you’ve said they reply “it can’t be, it can’t be…”