People choices change according to the passage of time or they just go with the flow, some of them prefer old music and still listen to it, but some of them choose modern music. It is totally dependent upon the taste of people; music is alive because of the people. It adds color, emotions, feelings, and happiness to life. Music is a phenomenon which helps to remove the boring factor from our lives. All of us are now used to it, but the choices and taste of listening to music id different, some of the people just adopt it because they want enjoyment in their lives, but most of the people listen or create music as a passion and craze. Most of the people still listen to the old music because they think that music was better at that time, some of the musicians are still creating the older music by adding some modern effects, and by remixing it which is helping the old songs to stay alive. The younger generation is also prefers that remix songs, there are many benefits of being a musician or playing a musical instrument.

The benefits are as follows:

Promotes happiness in the musician’s life as well as the people:

The chief and main advantage of being a musician is that you are providing happiness to others; people listen to the music when they are sad and it relaxes their minds. People listen to the music when they are extremely happy like in occasions, gatherings, and parties and enjoy it which fills colors of happiness in their life. The musician’s passion is to create that music which touches the hearts of the people and they get addicted to it. There are very few musicians who know the art of creating that music which plays with the feelings and emotions of peoples mind. Creating music can be exciting for the musician as well because the musician is the one who is loyal towards its field and work with honesty to provide good quality music for people to see the happiness on all the faces.

Enhances your skills of listening:

So it is very clear and obvious to everyone that playing music requires good listening skills because the musicians have to listen to each and every node, it requires listening to each of the small thing of the music carefully. It depends on the music that how he increases his listening skills because by listening it carefully determines that where you have to correct yourself, the main thing to focus and listen are the pitches of music the musician have to concentrate on the low and high pitches. So by playing to any instrument of the music boosts and enhance ones listening skills and help them to stimulate their minds.

Give you a sense of achievement:

All of the well known musicians and singers are common people, same like other human beings, but their passion of music gave them an identity and a name. Once they were nothing, nobody recognized them, but when they started music they became popular. This is the sense of achievement that you became a known person just because of creating good music. When you just start playing an instrument or when you played music for the first time you never thought that you will become a known person but music helps you to achieve the best in life.

Music helps to express and releases stress:

What you play on the musical instrument is according to your rules and you can play and create any type of music you want, in other words you can just express your inner feelings in the form of music. Musical therapy is a known phenomena and it releases the stress.

Rebecca Burton tried to explain some plus points of playing music and being a musician, she described these benefits on the basis of personal experience and by taking some views of good musicians to help the younger generation in accordance with the music and to motivate them to come towards the field of music. She recommends visiting the website essaypro.com for the quality content.