The Vigilance Committee – “Exit A Hero”


I love The Vigilance Committee’s Exit a Hero. They waste absolutely no time getting started. Eschewing the gradual they start in the middle of things. Songs are full of energy and emotion. Lyrically the songs follow the lives of James King of William and James P. Casey, with their histories neatly emphasized by the band’s deft hands. By including this concept into the album the music gains additional poignancy. These are songs that deserve to be played as loud as possible for volume is their friend and shows off their exquisite attention to detail.

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Taut guitars and nimble drumming introduces the phenomenal “Set the Pacific on Fire”. Rhythms stop and start on a dime showing off their considerable skill at incorporating a sense of tragedy within the chaos. For the song’s final moments they turn towards folk to emphasize the song’s underlying drama. Delivery continues down this path of all or nothing on “Take What Is Mine” where the band’s interplay is particularly impressive. Sprawling out with “186” The Vigilance Committee moves over vast terrain. The highlight of the collection they embody the optimism of their titular characters. Everything works in the piece from their move from a post-rock/surf hybrid to an anxious jangling rhythm. Opening up with a lurching rhythm is the passionate “Montgomery” whose sound eventually settles into a tight, ominous groove. Bringing the album to a close is the expressive title track “Exit a Hero”.

The Vigilance Committee’s Exit a Hero embodies all that is good about indie rock: with a broad mixture from punk to post-rock, they do it all and do it well.

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