With the continuous advancements in the automation field, the productivity, reliability and the efficiency of the molecular testing have drastically increased. The activities which were done manually can now be performed just within few fractions of second with the help of laboratory automation. Now, let us go through various advantages of the lab automation that help the lab directors easily monitor the results.

Time Saving With Accuracy:

This time saving process helps in different ongoing tasks to be completed in the lab with accuracy. There can be various tedious tasks like the labeling and filing the tubes in the manual process. If this particular job can be made fully automated then it can save a lot of time instead of labeling the tubes with hands. You can go through verification process by the 2D barcode and can place the tubes on the racks. The fast process can help in obtaining the test results on the same day. Molecular tests like HIV can be measured through the viral load testers. If the tester detects a positive result for the HIV, then the therapy can be started right from the beginning. You can learn more by visiting HFA Guide.

Repetitive Injuries Can Be Decreased:

If you are labeling the tubes in the labs for years, it may cause several injuries to the fingers. With its time consuming nature, the process will also result in physical strain in your hands. Some people may also experience numbness which can result in carpal tunnel syndrome which will reduce the productivity in your lab. Thus automated labeling, filing, capping and uncapping the tubes can avoid the repetitive injuries and accomplish the tasks with accuracy.

Decrease Lab Costs:

As the number of human resources can be decreased, the automation will also help in reducing the costs of the lab. Therefore, you may notice an increase in the revenue, thanks to lab automation process. The machines will ensure quicker cycle times with greater number of tubes to be labeled. This will ensure the increased attendance of the patients with an increased turnaround time.

Reliable Results:

With the advancements of the technology, the fully automated systems have produced with reliable results. The system interfaces help in transferring the results directly to the laboratory information systems. The transcription errors and the errors resulted from manual writing can easily be avoided in the automation process.

Elimination of Human Error:

Different automation steps can be involved which can eliminate the human error easily. The method of tracking the samples can easily get automated without the human errors which can happen during the manual checking process. The particular software can easily be implemented for easy specimen tracking and the records of lost and misplaced samples can definitely be reduced.

Workflow Efficiency:

The workflow can be streamlined with the help of the automation process in the molecular laboratories. The analyzers can easily learn the process and therefore the training time can be reduced. The specimen extraction process can also be automated with proper technology. For example, extracting the nucleic acid can be very laborious if operated in the manual process but becomes very easy if automation can be applied.

Flexible Machineries save Space:

Saving the space of the lab is a very important factor. The flexible machineries can easily save the space. Generally, the plate labelers and the automated tube labelers are bench top devices that will never take much space in your lab.

As you can notice that there are various advantages of lab automation, you can easily implement it without any hesitation. It will not only save your costs in the long run, but will also prevent you from any manual error.

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