Mark A Williams


Mark A Williams’ song catalog features several beautiful singers with very powerful lyrics to go along with them. The catalogue features some amazing composition, showing off solo singers and creating a balance with strong sections of group chorus.

The music makes you feel as though you are standing in a packed church where everyone has their hands held high and is dancing along. The messages of praising God are obvious, but they are very well done regardless of your religion or beliefs. These songs will make you want to get up, move and sing along.

The songs have a classical church sound with twists and accompaniment that bring them into the modern world. The songs allow those that might not gravitate towards gospel music to potentially change their mind about it.

Overall, I would give this album an 8 out of 10. I would have given it a higher score if the songs were more consistently modernized, as there were songs that resembled traditional gospel music a little too much.

– Amber Lien

Score: 8/10

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