Chainflower – Chainflower EP


The Chainflower EP is packed to the brim with attitude. With a sound reminiscent of the best grunge had to offer, they possess a biting sound that sets them apart from their peers. Every element fits in perfectly: Erika Renee’s dominating voice, the powerful haze of the guitars, alongside the persistent steady rhythm makes it a full-bodied release. By focusing so heavily on repetition they are able to find moments of transcendent beauty within the noisy riffs and pummeling rhythms.


Swaggering forward is the colossal sound of “The Fever”. Here Erika Renee’s sounds ethereal. Kelly Wheeler’s guitar work is phenomenal: sounding as if it takes up multitudes, both cutting to the bone and descending from the sky. Bringing it all together is the lumbering beast of a drummer whose work is of particular note. For the finale they present the collection’s highlight “Dissolve in the Sky”. Here Kelly Wheeler veers from the gigantic to the guitar scrapes. Distortion rules over the piece. Sprawling in scope the piece benefits from the monolithic sound. Volume is a must as the song benefits from the amplification. Halfway through the piece Kelly Wheeler’s semi-guitar solo gives a glimpse of all the chaos that is kept in check throughout the piece. By teasing the listener with the sense of near collapse the song has a fatalistic tone to it.

Far from watered down this is a concentrated dose of grunge following in the path of the greats, and pointing the way towards a grunge revival.

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