Are you one of the obsessive compulsive buyers who would just rush to buy anything with an attractive tag? Then you seriously need some expert mentoring on your purchasing habits. IOS app market is flooded with developers, so it is sometimes difficult to draw lines between fake claimants. Mobile Tracking apps can be very effective substitutes to your conventional GPS tracking devices.

There are 4 essentials of a good tracking app. Well it’s not statutory but your tracking experience will be definitely better with the following features:

1. Geo-fencing:

Never heard of a geo-fencing tracker? It involves setting a parameter on your device’s movement. For instance, you can take XNSPY which allows you to mark safe and unsafe areas on the map. Once your phone will get in and out of those areas, you will get an instant alert on XNSPY’s control panel. It’s amazing how this subtle feature can look after your family every second.

2. Location History:

Your tracking app doesn’t have one? Yes because you have been stuck with a wrong piece of technology for too long. XNSPY keeps a record of all the location details from the time, the application is installed in your smartphone. It’s a great monitoring feature for businesses, ensuring that employees are not wandering around in the wrong places.

3. Real-time location:

If your children really like lying about their location, then they really need a dose of XNSPY. Once installed in your kid’s phone, it can access the GPS any time to get the real-time location.

4. Remote control:

If your app doesn’t have one, it’s obsolete and worthless. A powerful app like XNSPY is no less than a remote control to the target device. Lock the phone, wipe stored data, send commands or check the installed apps on the phone.

What Else to Look For?

A good iPhone tracking app should do more than just tracking. It should be a complete monitoring software. XNSPY can access the targets device’s contacts, calls, SMS, IM chats. You can also record calls and surroundings.

Final Perspective

XNSPY is a remedy for compulsive buyers. It is designed to meet the requirements of your workplace or household monitoring requirements. It doesn’t just protect your family but also your businesses from fraud and theft. It’s a also a great app against theft.

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