DeDe – “The Fairy Tale Song”


DeDe’s “The Fairy Tale Song” is a song that bursts at the seams with optimism. With a comforting sense of purpose DeDe references a wide variety of different fairy tales applying them to the inevitable ascent into adulthood. How one’s own life goals changes as they grow older is the focal point of the song. The hope that exists within the song displays how negativity can recede with every passing year, as goals change and become more attainable. Maturity does not necessarily mean a sense of dread and doom. Rather maturity means a liberation of sorts of the realization of small victories and the realizing one’s ultimate purpose in life.

“The Fairy Tale Song”

The opening of the song is one that emphasizes patience. Her lyrics play on the listener’s understanding of fairy tales. Focus rests on the slow progression of life and how taking things too quickly can result in disappointment. Emphasis is on achieving the steady build-up of successes. Additionally her lyrics state the sacrifice often involved in self-growth. Such things can be remarkably difficult things to reach. Yet with each verse the music behind her grow ever larger, feeding off of her positive energy and playing with great elegant sweeps of sound. By the very end of the piece the band and her voice merge into one great peak.

Incurably optimistic DeDe’s “The Fairy Tale Songs offers a different approach on what can be garnered from fairy tales: that life’s goals can be achieved with patience and perseverance.

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