What´s the first thing that cross through your mind when you hear, read or see the word ¨ill¨ – definitely not something nice. That´s because different to maybe ¨Sick¨ (which now some young people use to refer to something that´s either really cool or awesome), ¨Ill¨ still stands for something bad. However, once you listen to the band ILLacrimo and their latest self-titled EP, that whole changes and now you have something exciting and interest to relate this otherwise not so pleasant thing.

The album kicks off with ¨Burning Field¨ and immediately you can hear this band is highly influenced by the likes Nightwish and Lacuna Coil, but don´t get me wrong as this group has their own vibe that makes them stand out from their influences. The fast paced, heavy and melodic guitar riffs blended with the vocalist powerful, sometimes angry vocals is perfection. The following tracks don´t disappoint and helps that seed planted in your heart from the beginning grow in you and by the last single you find yourself loving and I´ve heard even some tears were dropped by then.

Now, I must say I was and still really driven by the band´s music and I really enjoyed their stuff BUT (yes, there´s a but), the thing is if you have read my previous reviews by now you would know then that I am one of those people that enjoy bands and artists that find the way to not be consistent or lazy, that aren´t afraid of taking risks by getting out of their comfort zone and explore other music territories. Sadly, this band failed to do that and except for some minor arrangements here and there, every song sounded the same to previous one turning the album a little boring for me. Yes, the vocals were sweet and beautiful but that, sadly, isn´t enough to help the ship to not sink underwater.

Overall, if you are really into the bands I mentioned before then you would really enjoy this band. Like I said at first, there´s something special about ILLacrimo but I think they still need to find the sound and themselves as musicians. Also try to experiment more, I can hear some great musicians and vocalist voice really has a great potential to dive between different genres without losing its touch and harmonies that haunts you from the beginning to end and gives that sweet and innocent vibe to otherwise dark and heavy songs.

Rating: 4/5



RJ Frometa

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