Attik Door – “Never In Agreement”


“Never in Agreement” begs to be played loud. Attik Door comes in swinging with a flailing drums, an endless supply of hooks and vocals that soar above it all. Brash, bold, this is rock to a perfect tee. Everything about it from the catchiness to the sense of unity among all the songs. For those quieter more contemplative moments that weave themselves into the overall mix there is a slight reference to the Cranberries, yet another band who could overwhelm the listener as well as turn down the volume when necessary (or appropriate).

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Opening up with the album highlight “Posers” Attik Door wastes no time. After a brief introduction they turn up the volume and attitude. Remarkably catchy the song is full of delightful twists that come together to form a song that embodies rock’s pure spirit. Without missing a beat comes the rush of the aptly named “Bleed” which burns through. A little breather comes from the tender guitar work of “California” where they turn down the volume and turn towards more introspective pastures. Frantic in nature “Cyber World” chugs along with a colossal amount of energy. Dreamy guitar work introduces “Kosmos” and never stops, giving the song a spacious feeling. Shifting over to an early 90s grunge sound is “Spinning Out”. Ending things off on an anxious note is the beautiful buildup of “No Time”.

Attik Door’s “Never in Agreement” is an adrenaline rush of sound. With hardly any let up they are come full force.

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