Novakaine debuted at Artomatic, DC 2012 as a progressive ensemble performing in the genres of Rock and Blues with hints of Punk and Reggae. The four piece band of experienced musicians come from many different musical and cultural backgrounds.

Bringing a combination of these genres gives Novakaine a huge advantage in the industry. Their sound is nothing like I’ve heard before, but it gives me a bit of a Sublime vibe. I really enjoyed the vocalist’s sound and the instrumentals as well.

One thing that could be improved is the sound layering. At times the backing instruments sound louder than the vocals, and it takes away from the lead singer’s great voice. If they can switch up their ways in the production booth, I believe these guys can really do something with their band.

Novakaine was definitely one of my favorites to listen to out of the group of musicians I’ve reviewed this week. I would recommend giving them a listen, because they are truly a gifted group of individuals with a unique and excellent sound.

Michelle Lopez

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