Belvedere Chic


When one thinks of a party anthem, what does one think of? Do they think of the biggest EDM artist at the time? Maybe the biggest pop artist who has the catchiest lyrics that make you want to get up and dance? I’m sure most people would agree that to have a party song, it has to have a driving beat, and someone would immediately want to get up and dance it.

Belvedere Chic is an acoustic & electronic pop artist out of Belvedere U.K. just outside of London. If there is one thing that London knows how to do, that would be having a good time at a club. Their new single “Left Out In The Crowd” starts out with a moving guitar beat that mixes well with the background EDM beats in the background. It makes me want to get up and dance.

The vocalists in the song do not do it for me, though. The main vocalist does not have a voice that makes me get up from the bar and move around. Which is sad because the song itself is a catchy that could very well have commercial success. Through the song, more vocalists come in and their harmonies do not mix well. This makes me, as the listener, very confused.

There is so much potential to this group and I only write this article bluntly because I want to see them succeed. The instrumentals to this band are fantastic and it makes me want to hear more from the band.


By: Michelle Lopez

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